How Can you Get Traffic to your Dating Site?

What are the odds of someone finding true love on a planet inhabited by over 7.674 billion people? A study created in the UK estimated that 1 in 562 people would be able to find true love. The possibilities are undeniably low, it is disheartening.

That’s where you come in: Your dating site is the hope for some people to find love and meet their true love. Despite the trial and error phase involved in enhancing your site’s features, what really matters is you have helped individuals come together and find their lifetime partners.

The question is, how do you drive traffic to your dating site?

We have the answer right here! Here are nine expert tips to help you gain traffic to your dating site and give assurance of an awesome dating experience without giving empty promises: 

1. Internalize Your Purpose

You have to understand the unique selling point that your dating site offers. Who are you offering your services to and how does your team view online dating in general? Brainstorming about the big and small details that make your platform stand out is what lets you know who your users are, where to find them and how to attract them to date on your website.

This is one of the techniques wherein you have to understand what you have to offer to market yourself better. What is your belief when it comes to dating? Use that as your selling point. Are you catering more to the LGBTQAI+ community or to heterosexuals? Are you catering to goths or nerds? Giving careful thought to these aspects of your dating site aids you in finalizing your marketing scheme. 

2. Design Your Image

First impressions count in answering the question, how to get traffic to your dating site especially when a lead gets directed to your website from your social media posts, email marketing, or ads. Your website design becomes one of your selling points as well. Take, for example, OkCupid and their homepage. They are not just reliant on presenting thought-evoking and attractive photos to entice more users. Rather, their services and site design are built on the belief that each of their users is more than their photos. In other words, users get to be who they are, and that is what OkCupid stands for. 

Similarly, you must make sure that whatever your belief or ideals are about dating, it reflects clearly on your website. Don’t just limit it to an aesthetically pleasing site layout. Check that the pages are easy to navigate. Align your features with your target market. Is your dating site created for all sexual orientations? Then it would be best to use terms that are inclusive to all genders. Also, don’t forget to make your contact information easy to spot.

3. Write Your Image

When thinking of ways on how to gain more traffic for dating sites, one of the most solid ways to do it is to write niche-specific content and post them on different blogging platforms. You can also link blog articles on your social media posts. The bottom line, publish content that resonates with your leads and existing users. What specific topics about their dating life would your users like to read about the most? You should also use this as an opportunity to exhibit your expertise as a provider of online dating services.

Blogs also help not only with marketing but with boosting your image and preserving your reputation. It works hand in hand with embodying and designing your site’s brand. Once you have perfected that, building your audience and generating traffic are the steps that follow. Relevant and informational content reinforces your credibility, along with the continued interest of your target users. In time, the word-of-mouth shared by those who read your articles will pile up and contribute to generating the desired volume of newly registered members and engagement that you are aiming to attain.

Do you feel that blogs alone will not cut it? Then you may create a newsletter as a way to keep your avid users updated with exclusive content and updates on your services. Use it to give them a preview of your upcoming new features and projects, from events you have attended to services and articles previously created and future plans you have for your website. Keeping your users in the loop will make them feel valued and will therefore encourage closer participation in exhausting all that your dating platform has to offer. 

4. Social Media Exposure

Are you on any social media platform already? Make sure you are since it is one of your strongest cross-promotional tools. From Facebook to Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, you can advertise and relay your site’s features to your intended market. It allows you to promote your site in three distinct ways:

First, create personal, promotional, and purpose posts to entice more users to come to visit your site. Personal posts reflect the unique culture and environment that define your brand. Promotional posts are more straightforward marketing content that features the best about your services or site. Purpose posts are more focused on showing users and followers the benefits they can gain from choosing to use your platform.

Second, you can cross-promote your articles on your pages as promotional or purpose posts to help give that diversity to your page. It serves as a win-win for your social media presence and for attracting more people to check out your content.

Lastly, use the respective ads on each social media site. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the platforms that each has paid ads to offer, with specific conditions and restrictions.

Facebook ad restrictions are with the target audience. The ads should only be targeted to individuals who are 18 years old and above with the relationship specifics as either single or unspecified.

For Instagram ads, you need to have a business account to access the said promotional feature. A business account allows you to tweak the ads to the extent that would best fit for turning leads into patrons. Since Instagram was bought by Facebook, expect that the same restrictions apply to their paid advertisements.

Lastly, Pinterest ads work in the form of Promoted Pins wherein when pressed creates the likelihood of the pin to be put on the top which generates traffic towards your website. 

5. Collect and Share User Feedback

User-generated content is another powerful marketing tool for your dating website promotion. Aside from this, feedback is your best learning tool to improve your website. Collect testimonies from your users and share them with the world on your site and or your social media pages. Authentic testimonials build up your reputation and credibility thus driving another wave of users to your website. 

6. Utilize SEO

Make sure you employ search engine optimization to effectively promote your dating site. The use of appropriate keywords and a good grasp of search engine algorithms let you create a feasible strategy to keep your website from being trampled or surpassed by your competitors in the search results. What you want is consistent and solid search engine optimization for your brand and your services.

Hire an SEO expert if you need to, and pair them with experienced and skilled writers to help ensure your website is filled with highly engaging content. In this manner your articles and posts would appear at the top of the search bar thus inviting future users to come and join you through their dating experience. 

7. Collaborating with Other Dating Sites

Two heads are better than one. Teaming up with other dating sites (preferably those with a similar niche or one that shares your ideals) means that you are both able to appear on their website, and they appear on yours. Their patrons could even acquaint themselves with your services and your users to your partners, thus creating a mutual bond and gaining traffic from a new population. A symbiotic connection where mutual content sharing and a professional bond are made while both and your affiliate continuously push each other to grow. 

8. Join Communities

When you join online dating communities, you gain insight into how individuals keen on dating would like their experience to be. To answer the question, how to promote my dating site in forums? You can ask the forum or community admin if you could post promotions or send a private message to the members of the group and entice them to check out your website. Whichever method is allowed, you are sure to encourage prospects to check out your website which would be considered as traffic. 

9. Market on Holidays

The last of the tips is one that takes more effort. There are different holidays around the world, make sure you cover them all and promote yourself even more on those special occasions. Holidays mean that more people, especially individuals on the lookout for love and are on break, thus, they are likely to have more time to browse the internet and find out who their next match is going to be. More importantly, staying active during the holidays limit dull moments on your site or pages, indicating that users can reach you anytime. 

Generate That Well-Deserved Traffic for Your Website

You, as the brand owner, are in charge of how to market a dating website. Employ all these tips or nitpick those that work for your goals to devise a distinct strategy for your platform. What is essential is that each of these tips is already well-tested and is hence effective in driving traffic to your dating site. Alternatively, if you do not have the time, we are here for you.

Chekkee specializes in moderating your website in order for you to grant yourself more time to focus on what matters on the dating site. Our moderators are experts who know the ins and outs in the dating scene and are online 24/7. Gain more authentic profiles and engagement. Thus, say goodbye to scammers. Allow us to examine, equip, and execute your curated moderation plan for your dating site! 

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